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Terms and Conditions Agreement
General Sales Conditions

Article 1. Relevance of these conditions

1. These conditions apply to every offer and every agreement or legal relation between and a counterparty; (potential) purchaser, hereafter called  “purchaser”, when from these conditions parties have not deviated explicitly in writing and to the exclusion of possible general conditions from the counterparty.
2. The present conditions apply also on all agreements with in the implementation of which third parties must be involved.
3.  There where spoken in these conditions as textual requirements , it includes also e-mail.

Article 2. Tenders / agreements

 1. All offers of are without engagement and are considered as an invitation. Prices as mentioned on the internet site apply subject to type errors.
 2. An agreement comes about firstly after an order or task has been confirmed in writing or by means of a another proof of acceptance by Supplements, modifications and closer appointments with respect to placed orders and tasks only apply if they have been confirmed in writing by
 3. has at all times the right revoke the agreement (order) up to 10 days after the affirmation of the task, without statement of reason.
 4. At a composed tender exists no obligation for to supply of a part of in the offer understood goods against in accordance with part of the given price, nor applies the offer of automatically to backorder deliveries.
 5. When there are several purchasers party at an agreement they all have been severally bound to the compliance with the undertakings towards

Article 3. Supply

1.  Unless differently corresponded, supply occurs from factory/company.
2.  The purchaser is obliged to take away the bought at the moment on which these are made available to him. As moment of making available is considered the end of the period within which the matter can be taken away, or - if has agreed on transport or sending - the moment (towards choice of on which to the matter offers to agreed address.
3.  If the purchaser does not take away at the moment of making available, the purchase refuses or is negligent with supplying information or instructions, necessary for the supply, the matter will be stored for account and risk of the purchaser or - if have agreed on transport or sending - at the expense of the purchaser the matter will be transported.
4.  If the purchaser for the duration of 14 days continues refuses to take away, is entitled to annul the agreement, where the purchaser - contrary to Article dissolution paragraph 2 - remains for 100% of the transaction value chargeable, multiplied with interest and costs about that, and notwithstanding the right to compensation of real or higher damage.
5. represent themselves the right, without statement of reasons, to refuse to supply outside the Netherlands.

Article 4a. Revocation right (annulment) by individuals

 1.  In case of (individuals) buy on distance, as meant in Dutch law book 7 department 9A has BW, the individual frequently has particular legal rights, which case this article applies. The concerning legal right it is briefly said in many cases when an individual buys for example a certain matter by means of internet at
 2.  In case of (individuals) buy on distance the individual has up to 7 working days after reception of the matter the legal right of dissolving the purchase contract without statement of reason. Unless the law prescribes binding a differently dissolution  must occur in writing and under indication of the order number.
 3.  Unless differently corresponded or the law prescribes bindingly different the purchaser/individual must , if he uses the right to dissolution, return the bought matter, without summation, at the latest within 5 working days after dissolution to, taking into account the following:
- completely, unharmed and unused;
- including associated documentation and guarantee warrants;
- including a copy of the invoice of
4.  Return delivery occurs by and is for account and risk of the purchaser /individual. If purchaser wants to return the matter personally to visiting address of wishes return he has to make an appointment first.
5.  In case of dissolution, as meant in paragraph 2, will charge, except at most the costs of the 
direct return delivery of the matter, no additional costs.
6.  Unless the bought and provided matter has not yet or not yet correct been received back or the law bindingly prescribes differently, will repay the sales sum, paid by purchaser as soon as possible yet at the latest within 14 days after dissolution by
7.  Unless differently corresponded or the law bindingly prescribes different,, in case of dissolution as meant in paragraph 2, has the right to settle possible damage to the matter returned, broken or not becauseof violation of the regulations of paragraph 3, with the paid sales sum, notwithstanding the right of to complete recover of the damage from the purchaser.
8.  The right to revoke applies unless in case of:
- Software of which sealing has been broken;
- memory modules;
- Especially or composed products ordered for you;
- Replacing/reserve components (spare parts);
- Gone=Gone products;
- Products of which states explicitly that the right does not apply.

Article 4b. On sight delivery for companies

 1.  Companies (not individuals) have the possibility by of getting matter on sight. Such a visibility sending can come about exclusively only after oral consultation between purchaser and and exclusively under certain conditions. For such a sight sending a price must be paid by purchaser. After the purchaser has met the conditions for such a sight sending with, will transmit a form to purchaser which has to be validly and returned before the concerning matter as a sight sending will be sent  to purchaser.
 2.  The conditions which connects to a sight sending of matter, are at least (notwithstanding the right to claim other conditions):
     - Returning the matter must occur completely, unharmed and explicitly unused, including associated documentation and guarantee warrants and including a copy of the invoice of
     - The return of the matter is done at all times at  by and for account and risk of the purchaser. If purchaser wants to return matter personally to visiting address of an appointment  has to be made first.
3. Costs and damage caused or arisen by the sight sending will be charged by to the purchaser in all cases.  
4.    The right of sight sending doesn’t exist in case of:
- Software of which sealing has been broken;
 - memory modules;
- Especially or composed products ordered for you;
- Replacing/reserve components (spare parts);
- Gone=Gone products;
- Products of which states explicitly that the right does not apply.

Article 5. Delivery time

 1. normally delivers within an average of 8 working days, although standard delivery may take up to 20 working days after the order has been confirmed by completely ; this  delivery time and other stated delivery times always apply as approximately and are never fatal periods.
 2. informs the purchaser 3 working days after order intake about derogatory periods of in paragraph 1 of this article stipulated. If purchaser on the basis of these derogatory delivery times wishes to cancel the order this must be expressed in writing to recognizable within 72 hours after indication of derogatory delivery times by
 3.  At not swift or not correct delivery the purchaser has to put in lack in writing
 4.  Delivery times stated by only start after all required data are received.
 5.  It is allowed to to deliver the ordered partially. This does not apply if a partially delivery substance in it self. If the matter is delivered in parts, is allowed to invoice
each part in separately.
 6.  Purchaser has no right to damages because of derogatory delivery times, whether or not because of supremacy.

Article 6. Technical requirements etc.

 1.  If in the Netherlands provided matter isn’t used in the Netherlands isn’t responsibly that the matter to provide meets the technical demands, standards and/or regulations by laws or provisions of the country where the matter is used. This does not apply if by at closing the agreement the aptitude of the use in the concerning country has confirmed unabridged.
 2.  All other technical demands which the purchaser to the matter to provide makes and which deviate from the normal  applying requirements, must at closing of the contract by the purchaser expressly be communicated in writing.

Article 7. Foto’s , monsters, models and examples.

1. Used photographs and/or images on internet sites, placed by have only the status of general indication. Specific details or qualities of the matter on the photograph and/or image can and may deviate and for this reason purchaser can not derive no rights from this photograph and/or images.
2. If by has been shown or supplied a model, monster or example, this is accepted to be only to be shown or supplied as indication. The qualities matter to provide can deviate from the model or example, unless it had been mentioned explicitly that it would be provided in accordance with the shown or supplied monster, model or example.

Article 8. Dissolution

1.  An agreement can be annulled in any case immediately, without closer in lack putting, by in the following cases:

• if the purchaser does not fully and correctly meets its obligations;
• if after closing the agreement to circumstances come to knowledge that give good ground that to fear the purchaser will not meet its obligations;
• if has asked the purchaser at or after closing the agreement to provide collateral for thecompliance and this certainty stays out or is insufficient is in spite of summation.
• in called cases is authorized to suspend further implementation of the agreement or dissolution of the agreement all together, notwithstanding the right of to press damages.
 2.  In case of dissolution by the purchaser is liable towards For damages, where damage is at least put on 30% of the transaction value, as well as interest and costs there over, notwithstanding the right of to press for higher or real damages.
 3.  Paragraph 2 of this article does not apply to individuals for whom the period within of revocation right, as meant in article 4a can be exercised, has not yet expired.

Article 9. Warranty

 1.  Purchaser only has the right of warranty from if warranty is guaranteed to by the supplier of or the manufacturer, subject to as far as legal provisions prescribe a more far reaching warranty. The purchaser has no longer warranty rights than the applying factory warranty. is not liable to or apprehended to further warranty.
2.  Purchaser has no right  of warranty from guarantee if the counterpart has not met all payment obligations towards
3.  Every warranty obligation expires if the purchaser himself performs modifications or repairs to the provided good or  has them done by third parties, or in case of damage which is not the consequence of normal use.
4.  The extra additional guarantees which are offered by on own account, must be always be bought and are never free. This bought extra guarantee is exclusively valid if the purchaser submits a copy of the invoice inits own name of the purchase of this extra guarantee as well as a copy of the original extra warranty certificate in its own name, which automatically implies that never has warranty obligations towards third parties.

Article 10.  Property Reservation Clause

 1.  All by provided matter remains the property of until the purchaser has complied with all obligations of the closed agreement with
 2.  All by provided matter, which fall under paragraph 1 with the property reservation clause, are allowed to be used for normal company exercise only.
 3.  Purchaser is not allowed to pledge, mortgage, estrange or have estranged the matter falling under the property reservation clause.
 4.  Purchaser gives here and now unconditionally and irrevocably authorisation to or to and by a designated third, in all cases in which wants to exercise its tenures, to enter all those places where properties of will or can resort and to take that matter along.
 5.  If third parties seizure matter with property reservation or want to establish right thereon , purchaser is obliged to inform as fast as reasonably expected can be expected.
 6.  The purchaser obliges himself with property reservation provided matter and to insured as well as to keep insured against fire-, deflagration-, water damage and against robbery and hand over the insurance policy for inspection on first request.

Article 11.  Lacks and Complaint periods

 1.  Purchaser must examine the bought matter at supply or at the latest within 3 working days afterwards or have it examined. Purchaser must examine in any case whether the provided complies to the agreement, explicitly:
      •  the correct matter has been provided;
      •  the delivered matter concerning quantity (for example the quantity and the number) corresponds with the agreed;
      •  the delivered matter meets the agreed quality requirements or - if these are lacking - to the demands which can be made for a normal use and/or trade aims.
 2.  When visible lacks or shortages are observed, then purchaser must communicate these in writing these within 3 workingdays after delivery to After expiring these 3 working days is considered to have provided correctly.
3.  Also if the purchaser complains swiftly, its obligation to payment and purchase of done orders continues to exist undiminished. As long as the complete payment obligation has not been met will not handle
complaints. has always the right at handling of a complaint, awaiting the question if the complaint is correct, to desire an additional certainty or payment, whether or not on a separate third-money-account of  a 
notary designated by, before handling a complaint.
4. Unless explicitly and in writing differently corresponded purchaser must in case of a complaint to a matter return this matter to own account and risk for appraisal and repair. Appraisal and repair by do not occur at purchasers home address.
5.  Matter can only be returned after a preceding expressed written authorisation to
6.  Purchaser must ensure personally return of the matter at own account and risk.

Article 12.  Intellectual Property

 1.  The copyright and possible remaining intellectual tenures on equipment, software or documentation property of or its suppliers remains. The purchaser obtains at most user rights.

Article 13.  Price and Price increase

 1.  Unless explicitly mentioned differently prices by are stated for the products themselves and:
     • in euro
     • excluding VAT
     • excluding sending or transport charges
     • free on board factory /company
2.  Prices as mentioned on the internet site apply subject to type errors or (not yet carried out) modifications.
3.  If agrees a certain price to purchaser, is never the less entitled to increase the price if can show that between the moment of offer and supply significant modifications have executed themselves with respect to raw materials, currency and /or remunerations.
4.  If the increase in price amounts to more than 10%, purchaser has the right to  annul the agreement, without right to damages towards

Article 14.  Payment

 1.  Concerning the fact that it is for not sufficient possible to judge the credit of an individual applies to a private purchaser (individual) without exception that they have to pay in advance paid. private purchasers can exclusively ahead pay in their own manner or by means of the incorporated IDEAL - system.
 2.  Unless explicitly differently corresponded to companies whether payment by IDEAL or payment in advance in their own manner or on the other side payment on account( subject to credit checks) within at the latest a term of payment of 14
days after invoice date, on a manner to be indicated by and in the currency in which has been invoiced.
3. has at any time to desire the right (still) of payment in advance or to require from purchaser extra certainty for payment, which must be complied with immediately.
 4. After expiring 14 days after invoice date the counterpart is legally negligent; purchaser is as from the moment of legally negligence chargeable over the full collectable amount an interest of 1% per month unless the legal (trade) interest is
     higher in which case the legal (trade) interest applies.
5.  When the purchaser is in legally negligence all real costs for obtaining full payment acquaintance will be charged to the expense of purchaser, yet at least for the (fixed) amount estimated according the report Voorwerk II of Dutch case law.
6.  In case of liquidation, bankruptcy or suspension of payment of the purchaser the debt claim of and the obligations of purchaser towards will be collectable immediately by
7.  Payment must take place without discount or setoff and without the right for the purchaser to conservatory seizure at the expense of
8.  Done payments by the counterpart done always to serve as settlement in the first place for all chargeable interest and costs,and in the second place for the collectable invoices which are open longest, even when purchaser mentions that the settlement is related to a later invoice.

Article 15.  Liability

 1. is only liable towards purchaser for damage by intentional or severe blame of or its inferiors. Damage as a result of lacks in provided matter is considered as the exclusively liability as regulated in the article “warranty” of these conditions.
 2.  The liability of is at all times restricted to the amount that an insurer of in such a case pays to
 3.  If the insurance in a particular case offers no coverage or will not proceed to payment and is responsible, the liability of is restricted to at the most the invoice value of the deal, at least that part of the deal to which the liability is related.
 4.  Under no circumstances is responsible for indirect damages, consequence damages included  explicitly.
 5.  Purchaser protects for revendications by third parties.

Article 16.  Supremacy

 1.  Under supremacy is understood - besides what is understood in law and case law - all external causes, foreseen or not, on which can exercise no influence, yet as a result of which is not able to fulfil its obligations, delay in delivery by suppliers of and strikes in the company of included.
 2.  During supremacy all delivery obligations and other obligations of are suspended. During supremacy has always the right to dissolve the agreement without obligation for damages  in such a case  for
3.  If a situation of supremacy continues longer than 4 months after the time on which the obligations of its should have been complied - with regard to article 5 paragraph 3 – counterparty has the right to dissolve the agreement without that in such a case an obligation to damages exists, notwithstanding the
right of revocation intended for individuals, as prescribed in article 4a.
 4.  If at the moment of supremacy already has fulfilled partially its obligations, or can only partial meet her obligations, is entitled to invoice the part already provided which means that the deliverable part will be invoices separately and purchaser is obliged to settle this invoice as if it were a separatecontract. This is however not the case when deliverable part have no independent value on their own.


Article 17.   Dissolving Conditions for Purchaser

 1. will exercise a credit test on purchaser at each order with a request to supply on account. if decides not to supply on account on basis of this check, this will be corresponded to purchaser within 3 working days after the order reception with the optional recommendation to pay in advance, for example
by means of  the incorporated Ideal payment system. If purchaser doesn’t want to pay in advance, purchaser has the right of cancelling the order entirely free of charge but without liability for what so ever.   
Purchaser has to correspond this annulment explicitly in writing within 3 working days after the statement by that they are not prepared to supply on account with the explicit mentioning of this juridical foundation or this article with explicitly.
 2. will correspond a from article 5 a paragraph 1 derogatory delivery time to purchaser within 3 working days after reception. If the purchaser does not agree with the derogatory delivery time, purchaser has the possibility of cancelling the order entirely free of charge but without liability for what so ever. Purchaser has to correspond this annulment explicitly in writing within 3 working days after the statement by that they are not prepared to supply on account with the explicit mentioning of this juridical foundation or this article with explicitly.

Article 18.   Partial Invalidity

 1.  Should parts of these conditions be considered null, void or to be destroyed or otherwise invalid, then the remaining (parts of) provisions continue to apply undiminished. The remaining conditions must then be understood and interpreted
in such a way that the scope of the conditions remain maintained without the invalid parts.

Article 19.  Appropriate Law and Competent Judge

 1.  Rights applies to Dutch Law exclusively. The Vienna-Treaty Act is excluded explicitly.
 2.  The judge nearest the place of business of is exclusively competent for all disputes. Nevertheless has the right to summon purchaser for any competent judge according to the law.